“Most amazing sound therapy”

I had the most amazing sound therapy from Sabrina.  It was soothing and relaxing for both mind and body. I have been to sound bath session before.  But this is quit different from it.  The singing bowls were placed all over my body so I enjoyed both the vibration and the therapeutic tones at the same time. I'd highly recommend this experience to anyone.

— Maggie H.

“Impressed with the way I felt afterward”

I enjoyed my first sound healing experience with Sabrina. The facility was organized and comfortable. Sabrina connected with people in a heartfelt and compassionate manner. I was most impressed with the way I felt afterward - relaxed, at peace, and best of all, felt in touch with my energy.

— Sharon C.


Sabrina is an amazing healer and a very attentive listener who genuinely cares about her clients' needs. The Tibetan singing bowls have been very effective for me to clear my mind of emotional stress and regain focus. I have tried massage, yoga and meditation before but none were as effective as the singing bowls. I highly recommend Sabrina for anyone looking to destress, find their balance and clear their mind of worries and anxieties.

— Lara C.


“I highly recommend it!”

Vibrational Sound Therapy was deeply relaxing.  After one session I felt as refreshed as after 8 hours of sound perfect sleep.  I highly recommend it!

— Sabine W.


I am more physically active than my body can support so I always have some residual stress to remind me of this.  I tried singing bowls mostly because I have been attracted to the relaxing effect of music ever since I can remember but this is one another lever. It felt rejuvenating.  I could feel my muscle tissue molecules, especially in my lower back and shoulders, resonate with the vibrations.  Sabrina is very engaging and spent considerable time tailoring this technique to my specific need.  I am looking forward to more sessions.

— Gil A.


“Stellar, professional service.”

I am glad to try my very first sound therapy with Sabrina. The place is only for one bed but clean and comfortable. When she placed those singing bowls on my body I can feel the vibration went through my body. I don't know how soon I fell asleep. I felt so relaxed and refreshed after the session even I don't have sleeping issue normally. It's an amazing experience and I highly recommend!  

— Shirley Y.

“4 thumbs way up from my 2 sons!”

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— S.L.