Qi is energy flowing in the universe

Qigong is a traditional Chinese self-healing technique that’s at least 4,000 years old.  Qi is the non-physical energy that animates all living things. Qi is flowing in everything that is alive including plants, animals and humans, and we receive Qi from the universe.

When a person's Qi is high, they will feel strong, confident, and ready to take on it's challenges; when it is low, they will feel weak and are more likely to get sick.  Many physical problems are at least partially due to mental or emotional stress. The science of Qigong is based on the axiom that the mind has the ability to direct Qi.  

Informatics Qigong is a Medical Qigong Therapy.  Medical Qigong Therapy is one of the oldest branches of traditional Chinese medicine, predating acupuncture by thousands of years. Ultimately, the practitioner can control the Qi externally to heal others by let Qi flow in from the head through the body and out through the feet.  You let the Qi flow through you so that you are both a recipient of healing and a channel for it. 

Medical Qigong Therapy practitioners use palms to transfer the "universal energy" to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. The concept that the Qi which animates and enervates everything in this Universe can be directed through the practitioner in such a way that the Qi which flows to the patient can to effect a healing and balancing response in the patient’s body.

Medical Qigong Therapy specializing in human rehabilitation based on the belief that the Qi can helps manage the stress, anger, depression, morbid thoughts, and encouraging the healing processes of the body and mind by restoring and balancing the flow of stagnant energy in the body in which prevent disease, and increase longevity. Practitioners of this form believe that this force penetrates and permeates everything in the universe. 

  • Strengthens Immune System

  • Promotes Deep Relaxation

  • Easing Blockages and Muscle Tension

  • Relief of Stress and Anxiety

  • Promotes Pain Relief

  • Increases Rate of Recovery from Injury

  • Calming the mind, body, and spirit in conjunction

  • Energized and Balances the Whole Body



$108 / Session

CLIENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: AS THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA HAS NOT ADOPTED ANY EDUCATIONAL AND TRAINING STANDARDS FOR THE PRACTICE OF MEDICAL QIGONG THERAPY, THIS STATEMENT OF CREDENTIALS IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.  Medical Qigong Therapy is a self-regulating profession and the State of California does not license its practitioners. I am not a physician or a licensed health care provider and may not provide a medical diagnosis nor recommend discontinuance of medically prescribed treatments. If a client desires a diagnosis or any other type of treatment from a different practitioner, the client may seek such services at any time. In the event a client terminates my services, the client has a right to coordinated transfer of services to another practitioner. A client has the right to refuse Medical Qigong services at any time. A client has a right to be free of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse. A client has a right to know the expected duration of sessions, and may assert any right without retaliation.