Are you Moon Sensitive?

Do you want to know if you're moon sensitive? Moon sensitive is a common phrase in astrological communities, and it's often associated with sun signs like cancer and pisces because of their traits, characteristics and relationship with the moon. But you may have these signs in other places in your natal chart, consequently making you more sensitive to the moon's changing illumination than you may realize.

My chart is 98% fire and air signs, with barely any water signs in sight. Cancer? Pisces? Nope. And yet, I too, am moon sensitive, and I'm fairly certain you are, too - especially if you felt drawn to this post. Most of us just aren't as aware of the changing phases of the moon and how it can affect us. We may chock up our moods and changing emotions to other practical things, and not even consider that that giant hovering illuminated orb in the sky could be influencing us. A lot.

Have you seen our Crystal Moon Vibes Calender in the supply shop? It tracks the moon phases and lets you in on the moon name and moodlet of each month. It also offers what you can expect to feel inside. It's really great, and really insightful. This can give you some insight into what's coming down the pipe energetically.

I also offer in depth moon analysis each month on my instagram account, like this and this, for an even deeper look at how the moon's energy is affecting us.

You don't need to know your entire natal chart to discover whether you're moon sensitive or not. We are all sensitive to the moon's illumination; some just more than others. The moon even influences the ocean's tides! Here are a few questions to ask yourself to discover how sensitive you are. The more you pay attention to the moon's changing phases, the more you'll begin to dial in and connect with the changing emotions you feel inside.


So, are you moon sensitive, too? Let's find out:

1. Are you a "good" sleeper?

For the most part, do you fall asleep easily and stay asleep? Are there ever any nights where you just can not shut off your brain, and you find yourself making lists, getting new ideas and feeling extra sexual? This is all common energy among a full moon, or the days leading up to one and shortly after.

The next time you feel yourself feeling excitable or antsy around bedtime, go over your day to identify any stresses you may have lingering (rule out practicality first), but then take a quick peek at the moon's phase. Anywhere from 90-100% illumination can have you feeling heightenedThis is a big sign of moon sensitivity.

I like this app to accurately track the moon's illumination.

2. When do you feel exhausted?

The opposite is true when the moon isn't visible in the sky. There may be times during the month where you feel exhausted and lethargic. Maybe all you want to do is lay on the couch and watch Netflix - or the work day feels particularly gruelling. The biggest thing to pay attention to, is suddenly feeling wiped and not knowing why.

This happens to many people around a new moon, when the moon is only illuminated 0-10%. It's either completely hidden or just a tiny sliver in the sky. This can make moon sensitive people feel tired, unmotivated or even bored with the status quo.

The next time you feel this way, check in with yourself: are you on your period? Have you been getting shitty rest? Has there been a lot of emotional heaviness in your life? If you feel as though you're in the clear, check the moon's phase to find out if it is waning, young, or new.

3. When do you feel scatterbrained?

For some of us, the new moon and waning moon can make us feel scatterbrained. Disorganized. Or maybe like we have too much on our plate to manage. And yet, nothing has changed, we haven't taken on more tasks than usual, and there is no reason we should suddenly be feeling overwhelmed inside. Personally, the young moon (when the moon just begins to grow) is when I feel my most scattered. Why on earth do I have so many lists?!

I find this feeling is more common with Type A personalities, or people with a lot of air and fire in their natal charts, as well. If that sounds like you, notice if you feel a little less "in control" around a new or waning moon, rather than "tired" per se. 

4. Do you ever bubble over with emotion?

Everyone's default emotion is different. Sometimes its sadness, feeling overwhelmed, frustration or anger - whatever yours is, it probably rears its head around an eclipse.

An eclipse isn't just when the moon blocks out the sun; a lunar eclipse happens quite frequently and they can bring out some of our more dramatic feelings. Eclipses shift some very big energy - they're intense on our systems, but also great catalysts for change. Sometimes they can affect our body so much that our emotions erupt, just to find balance once again.

Let yourself cry a little. Or yell. Both are good for you. Energy needs to go somewhere! Pay attention to the feeling in your belly around an eclipse. Eclipses can often give clues as to where your best direction for growth could be.

5. Do you notice your desires changing from month-to-month?

Every time the moon changes, for example, the Red Moon of August or the Strawberry Moon of June, the areas where you feel desire also change. Maybe ideas of love consume you one month, but the next month you're set on arranging your finances and feeling settled. These strong influences really do affect us all, some of us more than others depending on our entire natal chart and personality traits. Following along with my moon readings on instagram can shed some light on these influences and how they may be affecting you individually

Some of us feel certain moon moodlets more strongly than others - that depends on our charts, our age, and the decisions we made leading up to it. My moon readings can help you analyze which area in your life is being affected and how you can learn and grow from it. 

6. When do you feel your most inspired with new ideas?

This is probably happening around a new moon, where new beginnings and infinite horizons seem to spread out in front of you. This is such a good time to set intentions and make decisions for yourself - but there may be lethargy or a sense of scatterbrain that accompanies these feelings. That's OK. It's the time for thinking and feeling: not action. The waxing moon and full moon are when you can put these new inspirational ideas into place.

The Moon and Pearl

The Moon governs the mind, and it's position in one's horoscope determines a person's habitual patterns of thought, feeling and volition. it rules all professions associated with water, such as sailing and fishing, and it influences the tidal patterns of oceans and seas as well as bodily fluids. Lunar energy is associated with the water element, the color white, motherhood and femininity, romance and love. The Moon is a soft, sensitive planet with fluid, feminine qualities.

If the Moon is exalted one will be wealthy, industrious and respected. But if the position of the Moon is weak or afflicted then contrary results may be expected. Diabetes, alcohol and drug abuse, and all types of emotional distress are also associated with debilitated Lunar energy. ORANGE is the cosmic color transmitted by pearls and other Lunar gems. Orange color waves are cold and are therefore useful in treating diseases of the bodily secretions and blood caused by excessive heat in the body. Fine Moon jewels are known to be helpful in cases of mental derangements caused by an excess of heat in the heart and brain. Moon astral talismans will also enhance all mental faculties, pacify emotions, induce tranquility, and improve artistic creativity.

Gemstones ruled by the Moon are natural pearl, white coral & moonstone. Flawless (eye-clean) stones are required in order for Moon astral talismans to properly transmit beneficial Lunar energy.

Influence of (natural) Pearl / moonstone

---If Moon is well placed in your horoscope the influence will be toward: Good sensitivity, good habits, stability, health, one will be wealthy, industrious and respected.

---If Moon is ill placed in your horoscope the influence will be toward: Over reacting, depressed, overly sensitive, stressed, contrary results may be expected.